Treat Yo’ Self To The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

01.24.14 4 years ago 66 Comments
parks and rec vegetables

“Farmers Market” was half a great episode. The good half, Andy booking a gig at a kid’s birthday party with help from April and the Ann is pregnant scenes involving Ron, and the bad, Leslie and Ben’s professional vs. personal relationship and the Ann is pregnant scenes not involving Ron. Last week, I made brief mention of Parks having a minor Leslie Knope problem, and that popped up again in “Farmers.” This is, I think, the third episode in a row where Leslie stubbornly tries to get what she wants, and that particular aspect of her character is getting tiring. I’m not sure when she’s gonna get around to her “bigger than Pawnee” dreams, but it can’t happen soon enough. Something else I’m looking forward to: Ann and Chris’s departure, which goes down next week. For seasons, the only reason Ann stayed around on the show was because a) Rashida Jones is awesome, and b) she provided moral support for Leslie. That rarely happens anymore — with Leslie and Ben off doing their fighting-in-fountains thing, Ann only has Chris to bounce off of, unless she’s around Ron, in which case, she’s Nurse, in which case, yes.

(I will say her Pac-Man rant was a thing of beauty, unlike the mental image of a trash bag full of mashed potatoes.)

The only thing better than Ron with an iPod listening to Willie Nelson? Andy singing about boogers and toes. (Freddy Spaghetti is going to be so pissed.) There are few things in life that get me as CHARD as Andy and/or Bert Macklin with a guitar in hand, so I’m already printing Johnny Karate and His Magical Guitar Stick stickers. SEX BEAR.

1. At least it’s not a dead tree.

tiny tree parks rec

2. Literally, up a wall.

chris ann wallchris ann wall 2

3. The “Leslie is Wrong” pen doesn’t exist.

approval penapproval pen 2approval pen 3approval pen 4

4. That’s how the Beatles broke up, too. Failed Dave Grohl promises.

dave grohl andydave grohl andy 2dave grohl andy 3dave grohl andy 4

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