Michael Imperioli Knows What ‘The Sopranos’ Finale Meant

By | 15 Comments

The man who played Christopher Moltisanti in 'The Sopranos' has some insight into the final seconds of the series.


‘Portlandia’ Helpfully Demonstrates Why The Best Part Of A Concert Is Going Home

By | 10 Comments

In this clip from 'Portlandia', Fred and Carrie show us why concerts are not always as fun as most people think they are.


Sean Hannity Challenged Jon Stewart To A Fight Over Cliven Bundy And Jon Stewart Cold Knocked His Ass Out

By | 30 Comments

Sean Hannity took issue with Jon Stewart for blasting him for supporting Cliven Bundy. Jon Stewart responded with a knockout punch on the Daily Show.


Let’s All Hatewatch ‘People’ Magazine’s Most Beautiful People Read Nice Things About Themselves On The Internet

By | 6 Comments

How far can you get into this video of pretty people reading nice things about themselves on the internet before sticking a fork into your eye?

game of thrones

George R.R. Martin Wanted His ‘Beauty And The Beast’ TV Series To Be Dark As Hell

By | 3 Comments

George R.R. Martin wishes CBS would have let him have the Beast murder people in the 1987 series. I'm sure you're all shocked.

Bundy Ranch

Joe Scarborough: Fox News Was ‘Exposed’ By Cliven Bundy Saying That Blacks Are ‘Better Off As Slaves’

By | 90 Comments

That Nevada rancher guy Sean Hannity's been hailing as a freedom fighter has exposed himself to be a racist. Joe Scarborough isn't happy.

jimmy fallon

Jim Gaffigan Pretty Much Did A Full Fat Dad Stand Up Set On ‘Fallon’ Last Night

By | 10 Comments

Please, please, please everyone to take note of his advice that begins at the 1:30 mark.


Watch Two British Comics Mock ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ With Hysterical, Dueling Michael Caine Impressions

By | 7 Comments

In a clip from 'The Trip to Italy,' Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon asses 'The Dark Knight Rises' with impressions of Michael Cane and Bane.


Meg Ryan Is Your New Bob Saget In ‘How I Met Your Dad’

By | 12 Comments

'How I Met Your Dad' has found its version of Bob Saget.


Gwen Stefani Is In Talks To Replace Christina Aguilera On ‘The Voice’

By | 16 Comments

Now that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child, NBC has turned to Gwen Stefani as a possible replacement for 'The Voice.'


What Joke Could Have Possibly Made This Weatherman Laugh So Hard?

By | 13 Comments

Buffalo weatherman Andy Parker couldn't keep it together during yesterday morning's forecast, as someone had him cracking up.


Bryan Cranston Reveals The ‘Breaking Bad’ Moment That Grossed Him Out The Most

By | 8 Comments

During a Tribeca Film Festival panel Bryan Cranston revealed a scene from 'Breaking Bad' that was almost too much even for him to take.

Insane restaurant

Check Out These Guytastic Highlights From Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar Menu

By | 23 Comments

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar has finally descended upon the tackiest place in the world.

jimmy kimmel

David Alan Grier Offers Some Very Helpful Advice On How To Tell Black People Apart

By | 9 Comments

Using a very instructive acronym, David Alan Grier finally nails the key to telling black people apart.

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