UPROXX Video: Is Superman — The ‘Man Of Steel’ — Gay?

06.13.13 5 Comments

Oh, did you hear that there’s a new Superman movie called Man of Steel out? And, as it turns out, it’s not bad. As Vince at Filmdrunk put it, “Man of Steel strikes me as both a shining example of what a comic book movie can be, and a perfect reason of why a lot of people wish the talent pool comic book movies attract could be applied to something less comic booky.” So there. That’s an endorsement. Not exactly a madly ringing one, but enough to maybe inspire you to spend a couple of hours in a movie theater on a hot summer day one, right?

With that said, have you ever noticed how Superman is kinda, well, gay? Not as gay as Batman and Robin, sure, but the whole tights and “Man of Steel” thing…SO gay. I mean, it’s 2013, Superman, just come out of the closet already. It’s cool, bro. We got your back on this. No need to vaporize anyone with the laser beams that shoot from your eyes or anything, okay?

gay superman

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