Urge. To Kill. Rising!

06.08.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

This is the trailer for VH1’s “You’re Cut Off” (premiering tomorrow), and without slipping into hyperbole too much, this is pretty much the worst thing since the Holocaust [UPDATE: video after the cut because it has a tendency to auto-play]. Yes, it’s worse than Pol Pot and the killing fields. I’d rather be a Louisiana pelican than watch a full episode of this.

To give you some detail, it’s a reality show about a group of spoiled young women who get cut off from their parents and are forced to live in a house where they learn about the cruel realities of the world, like household chores, grocery shopping, and life without a Ferrari. Sample dialog:

Fruity guy: Today, you’ll be shopping at two thrift stores.

Girl: Ewww!

Yep. And it features people like Omarosa and Perez Hilton, despicable characters from the sewer run-off of the 21st century’s pop culture diarrhea. Ugh, I think I liked it better when VH1’s reality shows were about whores finding love with murderers.


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