Urge. To Kill. Rising!

06.08.10 6 years ago • 16 Comments

This is the trailer for VH1’s “You’re Cut Off” (premiering tomorrow), and without slipping into hyperbole too much, this is pretty much the worst thing since the Holocaust [UPDATE: video after the cut because it has a tendency to auto-play]. Yes, it’s worse than Pol Pot and the killing fields. I’d rather be a Louisiana pelican than watch a full episode of this.

To give you some detail, it’s a reality show about a group of spoiled young women who get cut off from their parents and are forced to live in a house where they learn about the cruel realities of the world, like household chores, grocery shopping, and life without a Ferrari. Sample dialog:

Fruity guy: Today, you’ll be shopping at two thrift stores.

Girl: Ewww!

Yep. And it features people like Omarosa and Perez Hilton, despicable characters from the sewer run-off of the 21st century’s pop culture diarrhea. Ugh, I think I liked it better when VH1’s reality shows were about whores finding love with murderers.


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