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Victor Willis, the guy who performed as the cop in the Village People, is threatening to sue Fox for insinuating that he provided the voiceover for a likeness of himself that appeared on “The Cleveland Show.” Wow, that’s incredible. Someone actually saw an episode of “The Cleveland Show.”

The episode… featured an animated version of the Village People cop parading around in shorts before “eventually jumping on the backside of a male after effeminately yelling, ‘Dog pile!'”

[His lawyer] added: “Victor is appalled by the show’s portrayal. He never wore shorts as the original Village People lead singer and cop. So how does Fox justify such an outright false portrayal, while publishing to the world that Victor Willis did the voiceover? And now it’s all over the internet, clearly suggesting to the public that the cop character portrayed in the show is Victor Willis.” [Digital Spy]

Yeah! What the hell?!? He was OBVIOUSLY the butch one!

I was going to say that this litigious nancy needs to untwist his panties, but then I actually suffered through eight and a half minutes of the episode in question to get the screen capture you see above. And dear sweet Jesus, that show makes cancer look like Dave Chappelle. I mean, “Family Guy” can be kind of harmless and watchable, but “Cleveland” is like waking up with an aborted fetus in your bed. It is AWFUL. So sue away, oversensitive gay has-been. Take ’em for all they’re worth.

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