Vince Gilligan Talked ‘Breaking Bad’ Origins And Possible Keith Richards Cameos On ‘Conan’ Last Night

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08.08.12 12 Comments

You may have noticed we tend to mention Breaking Bad every so often here at UPROXX. That’s just the way it is when you couple the best television show going with the dog days of summer. Grumblers are cordially invited to view the “deal with it” GIF of their choice.

While a lot of our Breaking Bad focus is on Vince Gilligan’s intentions, or how much we like Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and even Dean Norris, we rarely hear from Gilligan himself. Self-proclaimed Breaking Bad fanboy Conan O’Brien had Vince on last night and it was quite the cool look into the mild-mannered individual responsible for all the dark brilliance. The guy simply doesn’t seem to possess any of the meglomaniacal tendencies of his fellow top shelf showrunners (you know who you are, all of you). It makes me love his creation even more.

The interview kicks off with Vince recounting the light bulb moment that led to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooking meth in Albuquerque. Then they dig a little deeper into how the writer’s often write themselves into corners and how difficult it is to write yourself out, as well as celebrity fans who could possibly make believable cameos without compromising the integrity of the show. Keith Richards apparently wants in, Vince just isn’t sure what sort of role he’d be believable in.

Here’s the first part…

And the second…

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