Walt, Jr. Would Approve Of These Fantastic Breakfast Cereal Mascots Turned Horror Movie Creatures

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10.25.12 5 Comments

It’s been a frustrating afternoon trying to find a news story that won’t piss a lot of you off. Sure, I could’ve written about Tina Fey going on a rant about Todd Akin rant, but I’d get POLITICS SUCK from our readers. Saved by the Bell’s Lark Voorhies, meanwhile, denied being crazy by acting crazy, but I actually thought that was kind of a mean story that I’d feel bad about posting. Plus, TMZ. Ew. President Obama gave Jay Leno his highest ratings since his return in 2010, but Leno. Ew. Snooki said a cuss word on TV, but again: Ew. Also, don’t care.

Anyway, I thought if was going to avoid icky Ew stories, I could at least do a cool Ew post, namely these fantastically scary cereal-box mascots from artist Guillermo Fajardo, who gives us horrifying images of the mascots from our favorite breakfast cereal commercials. TRIX ARE FOR DEAD KIDS, MOTHERF*****.

Check em’ out.

Walt Junior’s reaction:

(Source: Guillermo Fajardo via Hiconsumption)

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