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Wanda Sykes’s new late-night show debuts tomorrow on Fox, and although I’ve never particularly liked her comedy, I have to admit that my curiosity’s piqued. Why? Because even though she’s an unattractive black gay woman and I’m a handsome white ladykiller, we can at least agree on one thing: booze. Well, booze and being attracted to women. But let’s stick to booze for the purpose of this post.

Sykes will conduct a discussion similar to Bill Maher’s, but not as serious or confrontational. The panel will sit at a bar, complete with cocktails.

“I’m not going to work this hard and not be able to drink,” she told critics via conference call this week. “I want you to feel like you’re hanging out at my spot, seeing my friends.” She’ll sip vodka and club soda since, “If you spill it, there’s no problem with wardrobe.” [Denver Post]

I don’t know. I can’t convince myself that I’ll enjoy watching Sykes, but I definitely appreciate her drinking on television. At the very least, it’ll be better than “Mad TV.”

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