06.02.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

Ha ha ha, YOU SUCK LENO! A great article about how Jay Leno is unhappy with the limitations of his new show, and how everyone thinks he’s going to fail.  Shoulda walked away, buddy.  [The Daily Beast]

No sh-t. Oprah endorses crappy products, and her guests give crappy advice.  [Newsweek]

Better there than here. Paris Hilton is looking for a new “BFF” in Dubai.  Maybe she can find a head scarf that minimalizes her lazy eye.  [Variety]

Christ, already? “American Idol” Season 9 auditions begin in less than two weeks.  And look, here’s a handy timeline of what cities are hosting the auditions.  I’m including that information for terrorists, of course.  [USA Today]

I especially would have liked this in 1994. Beastie Boys and the Roots play together on “Late Night.”  [Gunaxin]

Because they’re awesome. The cast of “The Wire” remain active in the Baltimore community.  Sweet.  Baltimore will be a healthy city in no time!  [Baltimore Sun]

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