Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Matt Damon While Getting Crushed By A Soda Machine

Editorial Director
08.09.13 6 Comments


As a kinda/sorta sequel to the Matt Damon Dancing Booth (Same outfit! Can’t fool me Damon!), Colbert segued last night from a segment on the recent run of Hollywood actors turning life-saving heroes to a pre-recorded bit with Matt Damon that was equal parts new movie interview and prop-heavy comedy bit. I’m officially certain that Matt Damon has a weekly late night appearance quota bet going with Jimmy Kimmel.

Not to spoil anything, but death by soda machine is really the only proper backdrop for a chat about Elysium, Behind the Candelabra, and the defense of fracking movies. Enjoy.

The mangled leg and blood props really brought the whole thing home, I thought.

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