Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress Was Covered With Her Kids’ Drawings


Sexy, cool couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married, and she wore an adorable wedding dress.


R.I.P. Russian Sex Geckos: All Five Reptilian Cosmonauts Have Perished

By | 10 Comments

All five Russian sex geckos have perished. This is a dark day for all of us.

Leaked Nudes

#IfMyPhoneGotHacked Has People Sharing Their ‘Worst’ Cell Phone Photos On Twitter

By | 23 Comments

Unless you somehow stayed away from the Internet and any TV news source yesterday, you probably caught wind of what is arguably the greatest invasion of celebrity privacy of the online era.


Alexandra Daddario Dropped This Amazing Tweet About The Nude Photo Scandal

By | 32 Comments

The Emmys do not award someone for "most paused scene of the year", but if they did I have no doubt <a href="">Alexandra Daddario wins</a> in a landslide for True Detective.

upside down head

This Man Was Born With His Head Upside-Down

By | 11 Comments

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was born with his head upside-down and now works as a motivational speaker.


Here’s What’s New On Netflix This Month

By | 6 Comments

There's plenty to love on Netflix this September including zombies, sex, murder and mayhem.

nude photos leaked

Reps For Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Winstead, And Victoria Justice Respond To The Nude Photo Leak

By | 55 Comments

A few of the celebs featured in today's hacked nude photos have responded. Unsurprisingly, they're not happy.


This Supercut Of Wu-Tang Clan As Sung By The Movies Ain’t Nuthing Ta F*ck Wit

By | 8 Comments

This supercut of great Hollywood films singing Wu Tang Clan's "Ain't Nuthin ta F*ck Wit" is pure genius.


Which Movies Are Disappearing From Netflix In September?

By | 12 Comments

Here's a look at the movies that are disappearing out of the Netflix cloud on September 1st.


Mark Wahlberg Apologized For Missing His Brother’s Wedding On Instagram

By | 11 Comments

Mark Wahlberg is sorry for missing Donnie's wedding, but not sorry enough to call him.


This Is The Mugshot Of A Meth Addict Who Splashed His Face With Toilet Water

By | 3 Comments

Finally, a headline with the words "meth" and "toilet water" in it.


Here Is Bill Hader’s List Of 200 Movies Every Comedy Writer Should See

By | 28 Comments

If you begin Bill Hader's essential comedy list right now, you might be finished in time for Halloween.


Finding A Giant Spider In Your Coke Bottle Is Your New Worst Nightmare

By | 6 Comments

ATTN: there are now spiders in bottles of Coke. We're doomed.


This Pretty Lady Has An Ugly Suprise Hiding In Her Mouth

By | 23 Comments

This is probably the last video you'll watch on the internet.


Someone Really Needs To Adopt The World’s Saddest-Looking Cat

By | 7 Comments

Screw Grumpy Cat. We're all about Tucker the Sad Cat.

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