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This Weatherman Just Won Halloween With His Green-Screened Skeleton Costume

By | 2 Comments

This Louisville, Kentucky weatherman used the green screen to his advantage to come up with this hilarious skeleton costume.

Lindsay Lohan

Insane Report: Lindsay Lohan And Tom Cruise Are Dating

By | 11 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise dating? Well, they may be twenty-four years apart but they do look the same age.


‘Archer’ Exclusive: Sterling Archer On The Best Mustache Nickname & Growing The Perfect Movember ‘Stache

By | 5 Comments

What better way to really raise the bar for raising awareness than by talking to one of the manliest men who has ever put on a form-fitting black turtleneck?


Chelsea Handler Is Bravely Using Her Boobs To Fight Instagram’s Tyrannical Sexism

By | 21 Comments

Chelsea Handler wants attention again so she's posting her boobs on Instagram.

#Dumb Criminals

Meet The New York Bus Driver Who Was Arrested For Masturbating While Driving A Student To School

By | 3 Comments

An upstate New York bus driver is in jail after allegedly masturbating behind the wheel.


Here’s A Bear Fight In The Middle Of A New Jersey Suburb

By | 17 Comments

Here are two black bears going at it in the middle of a New Jersey suburb.


Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal Telling Conan About His Terribly Awkward Halloween Costumes


When your dad is creating homemade Halloween costumes for you every year, you have to hope yours don't end up like Jake Gyllenhaal's.


Behind On Baseball? Watch The Final Outs Of The Last 50 World Series.


In case you've fallen behind on your World Series history, you can now watch the final out of the last 50 Fall Classics in one video.


Which Halloween Costumes And Candies Are Most Popular In Your State This Year?

By | 10 Comments

According to these maps, certain states are giving out the best candy for Halloween each year, while New Mexico is giving out pencils.

one direction

PETA Is Taking One Direction To Task Over Using A Monkey In The ‘Steal My Girl’ Video

By | 10 Comments

One Direction refused to remove scenes that featured a monkey from a new music video, so PETA unleashed its wrath in a one-page ad.


People Are Pretty Upset With Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign

By | 37 Comments

Despite the fact that the words are being misconstrued, people are heated over Victoria's Secret's so-called 'Perfect Body' advertising.

#Miley Cyrus

A ‘Drunk,’ Nearly Topless Miley Cyrus Dropped $500,000 At A Gala

By | 18 Comments

Miley Cyrus seems like a fun person to be around. Seriously.


UPROXX 20: Allison Holker From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Will Eat Taco Bell Till It Kills Her

By | 4 Comments

Allison Holker was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

donnie wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg Was Making Out With Groupies Left And Right Before He Met Jenny McCarthy

By | 2 Comments

YUCK. According to Joey McIntyre, 40-something Donnie Wahlberg was still making out with groupies right before he got with Jenny McCarthy.


Buzz Aldrin Briefly Addressed That Time He Punched a Moon Landing Hoaxer In The Face

By | 11 Comments

Let's take a trip down memory lane and remember the time Buzz Aldrin punched a conspiracy theorist in the face.

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham Dressed As Elsa From ‘Frozen’ To Sell Sex Toys Molded From Her Genitals

By | 26 Comments

Farrah Abraham dressed as our child's favorite Disney princess to promote her new line of sex toys.

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