Bundy Ranch

Does This New York Times Article Reveal That Embattled Rancher Cliven Bundy Might Be A Racist?

By | 9 Comments

If you read this excerpt from The New York Times, you might find that everyone's heroic rancher is actually spewing some awful hate.

Pepper With Power

Alton Brown Provides More Power To An Average Pepper Mill With This Helpful Life Hack


Alton Brown returns with another amazing life hack that will give your grilling a little more power this Spring.


Check Out This Dog Pull Off The Greatest Fake Out In Canine History

By | 3 Comments

This video begins as one of the more depressing clips you'll see today, but soon turns the tables and becomes completely awesome.


It’s An Absolute Miracle That This Old Man Wasn’t Hit By A Train

By | 6 Comments

This video of a 77-year old Czech man narrowly (and cluelessly) escaping the path of a train is downright amazing.


‘Cockmasters’ Is A Perfect Parody Of An ’80s Action Figure Commercial (With Lots Of Phallic Weapons)

By | 2 Comments

Only you and the Cockmasters can save the day by beating off the evil Scrotar and Buzzcock.


The Identity Of Michigan’s Playground Pooper Is The Biggest Mystery Since The Ass Crack Bandit


Michigan's Ypsilanti Playground Pooper remains on the loose. GUARD YOUR SLIDES.

holy crap

The Luckiest Kittens In The World Survived Being Accidentally Shipped To San Diego


Somehow, two kittens were boxed and shipped from L.A. to San Diego. Really.


China Has Designed The Perfect Desk To Keep Your Cat Off Your Laptop Once And For All

By | 5 Comments

To solve this problem of cats sitting on laptops, a design company has created this interactive piece of furniture.


This Woman Is Responding To OkCupid Creeps By Drawing Them In The Nude

By | 9 Comments

Send this woman a creepy message on OkCupid, she'll draw you naked.


Lindsay Lohan Is Now Insinuating That Jennifer Lawrence ‘F*cks For Roles’

By | 45 Comments

LiLo will never beat J-Law in the war of actresses with abbreviated names.


Watch A French Duo Break The Guinness World Record For Jumping Off The Tallest Building In The World

By | 4 Comments

Two French base jumpers decided to jump off of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Make sure you haven't eaten before you watch this.


This Video Of A Tabby Cat Stalking A Dangerous Snake Is Both Terrifying And Hilarious

By | 15 Comments

This terrifying video of a tabby cat stalking a venomous snake thankfully has an unexpected twist ending.

Bad Tattoos

Accused Murderer Is Worried That Having The Word ‘MURDER’ Tattooed Prominently Across His Neck Might Hurt His Case

By | 11 Comments

A Kansas man is worried that his giant "MURDER" tattoo might hurt his case after murdering a man and leaving his body in a ditch.

Bullets Inside Broadway

Meet The Tennessee Teenager Who Smuggled A Loaded Revolver Into Jail Using Her Vagina

By | 17 Comments

Dallas Archer is facing felony charges after using her vagina to smuggle a loaded gun into a Tennessee jail.

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s Gawker Lawsuit Has Been Struck Down, But It’s Not Out Yet

By | 5 Comments

The saga of 'The Hateful Eight' is already getting us to the point of exhaustion and it hasn't even filmed a scene yet.

hashtags gone wild

The NYPD Learned That Twitter Hashtag Campaigns Aren’t For Everyone

By | 11 Comments

People on Twitter turned the NYPD's attempt at a hashtag campaign into an opportunity to post photos of police brutality.

crazy sorority girls

Sorority Girl Encourages Other Sorority Girls To ‘Learn To Love Sucking D*ck’ And To ‘Swallow That Load’

By | 56 Comments

Another crazy sorority girl has written another crazy letter to her sorority sisters, apparently. Let us all be entertained by it.


Reports: Lindsay Lohan Lied About Her Miscarriage, Is Off The Wagon And Dating A Married Man

By | 11 Comments

What a surprise: Dfferent sources are claiming that Lohan's miscarriage was a last minute ploy for sympathy and to justify her crappy behavior.


Purina Is Going To Be Running A Pop Up ‘Cat Cafe’ In Manhattan This Week


PurinaOne is going to be operating a "Cat Cafe" in Manhattan this Thursday. Cats in a cafe? Cats in a cafe.

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