A Rare African Tortoise Named ‘Thing’ Is Being Held For Ransom In Florida


What kind of monster would kidnap someone's tortoise and hold it for ransom? Oh right: Florida.


Watch This Australian Man Try To Coax A Bread-Eating Brushtail Possum Out Of His Kitchen


What would you do if you came across a bread-stealing Brushtail Possum in your kitchen in the middle of the night?

oculus rift

Here’s Why Masturbating In A Virtual Reality Headset While Your Girlfriend’s On Her Way Over Is A Bad Idea

By | 7 Comments

This Oculus Rift masturbation story is why the future and everything in it is terrible.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Is No Longer The Most Popular Person On Instagram After Millions Of Spambots Were Deleted

By | 11 Comments

After millions of spambots were deleted on Instagram, Justin Bieber lost a TON of followers.


The Future Is Now Because NASA Just Emailed A Wrench Into Space

By | 3 Comments

NASA emailed the designs to the International Space Station, which then made it using the onboard 3D printer. THE FUTURE IS NIGH.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Is Engaged To That Dude From Good Charlotte

By | 5 Comments

Congrats to Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, who are engaged after a seven month whirlwind romance.


New Details In Darren Sharper’s Sexual Assault Case Suggest Other NFL Players Might Be Involved

By | 22 Comments

A Darren Sharper accomplice may have some explosive information about an incident in Las Vegas with several NFL players.


A Massachusetts Town Is Going To Punish Lazy Residents With A Scarlet Letter

By | 10 Comments

If you live in Somerville, prepare to be shamed a la Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Puritans for not clearing your sidewalks of snow by 10 a.m.

the colbert report

The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To Stephen Colbert Ending His Run On ‘The Colbert Report’

By | 6 Comments

There was an outpouring of sentiment on Twitter last night as Stephen Colbert said goodbye to 'The Colbert Report.'

#Star Wars

Watch Ellen Page And Jessica Alba Declare Their Love At The Star Wars Live Read

By | 12 Comments

Here's the best moment from last night's star-studded live read of 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'.

#Viral Videos

TNT’s Ernie Johnson Dropped The Mic After An Epic Rap Battle With Nicki Minaj

By | 6 Comments

Do you want to see 58-year-old Ernie Johnson bust out some rap lyrics on Nicki Minaj? Of course you do.

Keith Olberman

Keith Olberman Watched Mark Cuban Close The Rajon Rondo Trade In ‘The Colbert Report’ Green Room

By | 5 Comments

Keith Olberman was next to the 'The Newsroom' guys when Mark Cuban traded for Rajon Rondo at 'The Colbert Report'


Take A Trip To The German Coffee Shop That Received 73 Pounds Of Cocaine In Their Latest Shipment

By | 6 Comments

A coffee shop in Berlin got quite the surprise in their latest coffee shipment: 33 kilos of cocaine from Brazil.

marriage proposals

This Photobooth Proposal Earned A Newly Engaged Couple A Set Of Free Engagement Photos

By | 3 Comments

This guy is either the suavest man alive, the world's most financially savvy wedding planner, or some freakish combination of both.

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