nude photos leaked

Kim Kardashian And Vanessa Hudgens Are The Latest Victims Of That Celeb Hacking Ring

By | 24 Comments

Nude photos of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens were leaked on the internet this morning as part of an ongoing celeb hacking ring.

#Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ Facebook Posts From The Afterlife Are About The iPhone 6

By | 6 Comments

Joan Rivers' death isn't getting in the way of her career as a pitchwoman thanks to this pre-scheduled Facebook post about the iPhone 6.


Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Cause International Mayhem In The Red Band Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 6 Comments

Get a better look at what sort of raunchy surprises await this Christmas with the red band trailer for 'The Interview.'


This Paddle Boat Wedding Proposal Doesn’t End The Way This Gentleman Had Hoped

By | 5 Comments

This guy planned out every aspect of his wedding proposal, waited for the right moment, and then forgot to hold tight to the ring.

roger goodell

Roger Goodell Says He Hasn’t Considered Resigning At All, Not One Bit, Not For A Second

By | 22 Comments

Roger Goodell said a lot of words today, almost all of which confirm him being a stubborn, arrogant a-hole.


These Hip-Thrusting, Balloon-Popping Women Have Created A New Olympic Sport


The next Olympic sport involves Asian woman thrusting their hips to pop a balloon.


Keanu Reeves Is Totally Chill Even When Finding Intruders In His Home At 4AM

By | 12 Comments

Keanu Reeves found a totally creepy woman in his home and 4 a.m. and he was SO KEANU REEVES about it.


Women With Big Buns Beware! The World’s Largest Anaconda Was Found In Brazil.

By | 20 Comments

Do you want to know what the world's largest snake looks like and of course you do.


This Drunkest Bro Ever Finding An Even Drunker Bro Is Basically Performance Art

By | 3 Comments

What happens when the drunkest guy ever encounters a guy who's even more drunk? This masterpiece right here.


One Of t.A.T.u’s Fake Lesbians Says She Would Condemn Her Son For Being Gay

By | 25 Comments

Julia Volkova of the fake lesbian pop duo t.A.T.u has some very unpopular opinions when it comes to homosexuality.


A Lawyer Could Be In Big Trouble For Her Terrible Celebrity Photoshops

By | 13 Comments

No, this random lawyer doesn't know Obama and George Clooney. Why would you ever think that? Oh yeah, her terrible Photoshops.


Tim Duncan Is Joining The Marvel Universe On An Upcoming Cover Of ‘The Punisher’

By | 5 Comments

NBA star Tim Duncan is combining his love of comic books and cars by having his garage design and actually build the Punisher's new ride.


These Arguing Koalas Will Make You Wish Every Couple’s Public Fighting Could Be This Adorable

By | 10 Comments

These fighting koalas will make you wish every couple's arguments could be this adorable.


Scotland Decides That It Doesn’t Like The Idea Of Independence After All

By | 26 Comments

The votes have been counted, the flags have been raised, and one side is very disappointed with the outcome.


Here Are The Priceless Reactions To Tonight’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Massacre On ‘Thursday Night Football’

By | 10 Comments

Tampa Bay took the field tonight against the Atlanta Falcons, but couldn't do much else besides tweet updates. Fans noticed and responded.


Watch These Throwback Videos Of Louis C.K., Jon Stewart, Chris Rock And More Doing Stand Up

By | 4 Comments

Just for Laughs launches a YouTube channel full of retro stand up comedy videos.

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