The World’s Coolest 102-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her Birthday At A Long Island White Castle


Meet Madeleine Turpan, the inspiring 102-year-old who's been eating White Castle for most of her life.

donald trump

Donald Trump’s Out Of Control Narcissism Caused Him To Tweet A Lovely Tribute To Serial Killers

By | 14 Comments

Donald Trump has yet again spectacularly failed at Twitter. Let's all point and laugh at him.

pabst blue ribbon

Let’s Remember Pabst Blue Ribbon As An All-American Company With This 1979 Patrick Swayze Commercial

By | 3 Comments

Let's remember to back when Pabst Blue Ribbon was a great American company with this 1979 Patrick Swayze commercial.


Ten Things That Happened In 1985, The Last Time The Kansas City Royals Made The Playoffs

By | 14 Comments

What was going on in the world the last time the Kansas City Royals made the MLB playoffs?

olive garden

Meet Vino, The Man Who Is Eating Nothing But Olive Garden Pasta For 49 Days

By | 7 Comments

Known only as Vino, this food critic is pursuing his 'life's goal' of eating nothing but Olive Garden pasta for seven weeks.

#Viral Videos

This Footage Of A CarJacking At A Miami Hotel Is Insane

By | 6 Comments

A crazy man turned a valet station into a bumper car invitational.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson’s New Girlfriend Is Getting Racially Harassed Online Because ‘Twilight’ Fans Are Still Monsters

By | 12 Comments

'Twilight' fans have now resorted to racist bullying over their leading man's dating preferences.


‘Modern Family’ Director Live-Tweets Plane Passenger’s Drunken Meltdown And Subsequent Arrest

By | 35 Comments

Ryan Case, an editor and director on 'Modern Family,' documents the hilarious antics of the worst airline passenger in the world.


Those Silly Coke Bottles With Names On Them Increased Sales For The 1st Time In A Decade

By | 12 Comments

If you bought a Coke to "share" this summer, you helped Coca-Cola see their first sales increase in a decade.


Kansas Is Auctioning Off Dildos And Vibrators To Help Boost Its Faltering Economy

By | 12 Comments

The state is hoping to recoup lost funds with a collection of sex toys. Hot!

george clooney

Sorry Ladies, George Clooney Is Officially Off The Market

By | 6 Comments

The actor married Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy over the weekend.

nude photo leak

Anna Kendrick Is The Latest Celeb To Have Her Photos Leaked On The Internet

By | 15 Comments

Hundreds of leaked photos were uploaded to the web over the weekend featuring Anna Kendrick and Cara Develigne.


This Giant Red Leech Is Nightmare Fuel Of The Worm Eating Variety

By | 12 Comments

A BBC documentary crew got a rare sight as they capture a Giant Red Leech making a nice meal out of a worm in 'Wonders of the Monsoon."


Worst Stoner Ever Traded A $160K Diamond For Just $20 Worth Of Weed

By | 8 Comments

Walter Earl Morrison stole the pricey diamond from an airport and then proceeded to trade it for pot.

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