What Should AMC Do With All The ‘Breaking Bad’ Money They’re About To Make?

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08.16.13 35 Comments

breaking bad money

Getting into the meth business has been very profitable for AMC, and they’re about to make a whole lot more. Money, not meth, though I don’t know what the Small Town Security crew does behind closed doors. (Farting, probably.) The NY Times reports that Breaking Bad’s series finale, which airs on September 29, will likely bring in advertising rates “that broadcast networks ask for hit shows.” That’s approximately $200,000 to $300,000 for 30 seconds, figures that cable series never reach. In fact, some guy with a fancy title predicts that the finale could be the “biggest original programming cable TV event since The Sopranos’ finale in June 2007.” No word on whether Breaking Bad ends on “Any Way You Want It,” the “You” being Walter White…singing to himself in the mirror.

Anyway, I’m sure AMC will waste the extra scratch on boring things, like programming and, yawn, employee salaries, but in case they want to have some fun, we have some suggestions with how to spend the dough.

1. Get that one guy on every website who thinks Rubicon is AMC’s best show a t-shirt.

2. Own ALL the laser tag franchises.

3. Repurchase the rights to Slapshot 2: Breaking the Ice.

4. Buy out Matthew Weiner’s contract and force him to spend the next year writing Talking Bad/Dead hashtags.

5. Order the Saul Goodman spin-off NOW.

Let’s hear your ideas.

(Via NY Times)

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