What’s on Today: Football & Turkeys

11.24.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC) — If you’re a kid and you just want to see Santa Claus and the Snoopy balloon, this rocks. If you’re an adult, you can recognize that it’s just a gigantic commercial for large-scale corporations and Broadway shows, peppered with stupid wiener high school marching bands. No thanks.

National Dog Show (NBC) — Now THIS is more like it. Pro football doesn’t have many worthy adversaries in terms of my TV watching habits, but this is certainly one of them.

Packers at Lions (Fox) — It’s the first non-meaningless, mildly interesting Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit since Barry Sanders played. If our God is kind, He will let this game finish with a score of something like 52-49.

Dolphins at Cowboys (CBS) — The worst of today’s three NFL games, this is appropriately scheduled during my mealtime. I’ll happily skip this.

49ers at Ravens (NFL Network) — The Harbaugh brothers face share their Thanksgiving from opposite sidelines in a matchup that will determine if the Niners are wildly overrated or merely kind of overrated.

The Godfather Parts I and II (AMC) — Worth checking out while the football games in commercials. Then you get hooked and start watching for too long and end up missing a big touchdown, but it’s totally worth it to see Moe Greene get shot in the eye.

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving (ABC) — Lady Gaga gets her own special behind-the-scenes special/holiday concert, marking the time in her career when she stopped being weird for creativity’s sake and started cashing in on holiday specials. Preview below, in case you care.

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