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11.03.09 9 Comments

V (ABC) — Pilot episode (you can watch the first eight minutes here). Huge spaceships hover over Earth’s major cities, and the alien leader delivers a message of peace.  I liked it better when the aliens delivered a message of “die” and then Will Smith punched them in the face and gave them a cold.  Welcome ta Earf.

Sons of Anarchy (FX) — I have nothing to say about this show that Matt hasn’t said already.  Just letting you know it’s on.

NCIS (CBS) — Two murdered marines are found on Mark Harmon’s boat.   Based on a true story (Mark Harmon is hardcore).

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) — A marine falls to his death at a party, and the investigation reveals his double life.  Ooo, I hope his double life was as an actor on a show I’d watch.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox) — You know who thinks he can dance?  The guy in the video below.

Video via buzzfeed:

This guy dances like Michael Jackson whenever he’s waiting for the bus. Apparently, someone noticed this guy outside his office window and filmed him over a 15-month period.

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