What’s On Tonight: How Will President Obama Upstage Bill Clinton?

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09.06.12 13 Comments

2012 MTV Video Music Awards (MTV, 8 p.m.) — I haven’t watched the VMAs in years, and I don’t even know why they still hold them when MTV doesn’t actually air music videos anymore. I guarantee you, however, that the Smoking Section’s LIVE DISCUSSION will be considerably better than the actual show.

Democratic National Covention (ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC 10 p.m.) — MTV has promised that the VMAs will end in time for Obama’s speech, though I understand that the President has asked that networks simply re-air Clinton’s speech from last night.

Children’s Hospitol (Adult Swim, 11:59) — I haven’t caught up, so I don’t know if tonight’s episode, entitled “Behind the Scenes,” is literally a behind-the-scenes look at the show, or an episode taking the piss out of behind-the-scenes episodes. My guess is on the latter.

Rookie Blue (ABC, 9 p.m.) — The Canadian cop show wraps up its third season. I took at a look at the premiere episode this season, and the best that I can say for the cop show is that it’s Degrassi crossed with Saved by the Bell: The Cop Years in the bad way.

Lincoln Lawyer (Amazon Prime) — It’s not a huge blockbuster or anything, but if you haven’t caught the movie that led to Matthew McConaughey’s career resurgence, check out this nifty, gritty little legal drama from last year.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Letterman has Howard Stern, which always makes for a good episode; Leno has Ellen Degeneres; Kimmel has Matt Stone and Trey Parker; Angela Kinsey stops by Ferguson; Claire Danes will be on Fallon; and Austan Goolsbee will show up on The Daily Show.

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