What’s On Tonight: Santa and Thunder Gun Express

12.01.11 6 years ago 28 Comments

Community (NBC) – For weeks, IMDb had the title of tonight’s episode as “Indoor Sports with Christian Bale.” But it was recently changed to “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism.” Not nearly as titillating, so in the interest of increasing ratings, let’s pretend it’s called, “Outdoor Nudity with Brie and Bale.”

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (ABC) – Oh, how I hate that Mayor Burgermeister Meisterburger.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) – As much as I love Adam Scott and Amy Poehler, I’m growing a little weary of their will they/won’t they story. Here’s hoping tonight’s episode, about “things [coming] to a head for Leslie, Ben, and Chris,” finally resolves things, and that Andy and Ron do something wacky together. (Also, please enjoy this mash-up of the “Community” cast with the “Parks & Rec” credits.)

The Office (NBC) – Maura Tierney, who guest stars on “The Office” as Robert California’s (James Spader) wife, was one of my first TV crushes. Then again, considering my TV watching habits as a 12-year-old in 1999, it was either her, Caroline Rhea, or the mom from “Malcolm in the Middle.” I made the right choice.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) – The Gang tries to see the greatest action movie of the summer, Thunder Gun Express, before it leaves theaters. I would trade every single movie that came out between June and August this year for a movie called Thunder Gun Express.

LATE-NIGHT GUESTS: Melissa McCarthy, Rick Perry, and T-Pain reminisce about “Gilmore Girls” on Leno; Ken Tucker fawns over “Pushing Daisies” with Kristin Chenoweth on Ferguson; Terry Bradshaw tries to talk about segregation with the Civil Wars while Maggie Q awkwardly laughs along on Kimmel; and Darrell Hammond tells the Dum Dum Girls and soon-to-be “SNL” host Steve Buscemi about that time he did rock at 30 Rock on Fallon.

Note: There have been a lot of hello’s and goodbye’s (now I get that Beatles song – John’s the walrus!) over the last few days, so I’ll make this brief: I look forward to writing more for Warming Glow, and I hope you guys and gals remain hyper invested in the content and quality of the website. (In other words, call us out on our sh*t.) It’s our shared interests in talking about good shows, making fun of bad ones, and looking at pictures and videos of cute puppies and people that drive WG, and we’ll do our best to continue Matt’s Internet-owning legacy. And I’ll make sure not a day goes by without at least one gratuitous “Simpsons” quote: “Ah, Oliver North, he was just poured into that uniform.”

See you tomorrow.

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