Whoopty Doo, Oprah Has a Half Sister

01.24.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Oprah promised to reveal a big secret on today’s show, a surprise that turned out to be her long-lost half-sister that she met for the first time on Thanksgiving. Or as Oprah said, “I’ve got a… BRAAAAAAND NEEEEEEEWWWWW SISTEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!”

Winfrey has discovered she has a half-sister — a Milwaukee woman who was given up for adoption by Winfrey’s mother nearly 50 years ago, when the talk show host was eight years old…

Patricia, who Winfrey said bounced from foster home to foster home until she was adopted at age 7, had given up after previous searches for her mother. But she decided to resume looking several years ago at the insistence of her grown children. [AP]

Reached for comment, Patricia said, “Cha-ching!” No, I’m kidding. It’s actually the opposite:

[Winfrey] said Patricia had known since 2007 that the two were related, but never attempted to profit off her discovery or contact the press, even as she tried unsuccessfully to contact Winfrey, her mother or others in Winfrey’s family.

“She never once thought to sell the story,” Winfrey said, recalling how she felt betrayed by others who have sought to take advantage of their relationship with one of the largest figures in the entertainment world and one of the wealthiest women in the United States.

She never once thought to sell the story? Damn. Savvy move by Patty. That is a patient and solid investment. Oprah’s gonna hook her up with WAY more money now that she’s convinced of Patricia’s loyalty.

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