Winter Came! George R.R. Martin Just Took The Ice Bucket Challenge.

08.24.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

With every celebrity on the planet now participating in the ice bucket challenge, it was only a matter of time before our favorite mass murderer joined the club. George R.R. Martin is (hopefully) busy finishing his A Song Of Ice and Fire books series but the author took some time off from killing your favorite Westerosi residents for a good cause.

After being nominated to participate in the ice bucket challenge — you know, that thing where people record themselves being doused in ice water to raise money for ALS — by a few friends, including “that bastard” fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman, GRRM took up the gauntlet and made a video to rule them all. After shouting “God help us all, winter is coming,” the homicidal genius gets drenched by two buckets, squealing like a little girl in the process. Surprisingly, no one meets their gruesome end in the clip, but GRRM gave us a bit of a heart attack after tripping over himself and making a rather ungraceful entry into a waiting swimming pool.

Still, we want to thank the guy for this little video gem and issue a challenge of our own: It’s called the “Finish the Damn Books” challenge and we’d like for it to be completed before the show has a chance to catch up.

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