Let’s GIF Weird: The Best GIFs And Images From Last Night’s ‘Workaholics’

By 02.21.13

A pretty solid episode that has proven to be pretty light on GIFs and images. Win some, you wangsta some I guess. I’m a sucker for first time coke usage scenes and tooling on club rats so “High Art” hit several sweet spots for me.

A few thoughts and lines before we get to the GIFs.

  • Ders only rocks the deepest of Vs.
  • “I’m punk rock too. I own every Good Charlotte CD.”
  • I’m pretty sure you’d get your ass kicked for saying something like “lorded” in real life.
  • That was the kid from the Maude Apatow-Kardashian scene, correct?
  • I would take a seminar from Adam on how to talk to black people.

Now for some limited GIFs. Get it together, internet.

Adam Knows When To Qualify A Statement


Karl Knows How To Sell A Salad Bar


That's A Lot Master P References For A Single Week


This Is Just A Good GIF


Adam Is Pretty Much Rancho Cucamonga's Marshall Mathers


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