Let’s GIF Weird: The Best GIFs And Images From Last Night’s ‘Workaholics’

By 01.17.13

Look, I’m not going to sit here with no pants on and pretend that last night’s mid-season premiere (?) of Workaholics was a great episode. It was not. When the payoff involves booger-eating and pants-sh*tting I need not type more. Louis C.K. can’t even make booger jokes funny. That is fact. (Actually, it’s not. I’m sure Louis has some stellar boog material stashed away somewhere, but hyperbole-to-make-a-point.)

Luckily for us the internet is still really good at making Workaholics GIFs and Adam DeVine dressed as Mike Myers as The Love Guru for me to use as the banner image, so all was not completely lost.

RIP Jet Set

Nice of Jesse “Jet Set” Hudson to get a strong “YOUR MAMA!” in the opening sequence.


Adam Totally Gets Comedy

Also, dead baby jokes always hit the mark.


That's Why They Call Him The Laugh Giver


Sandwich Shop Disguises FTW

Now THIS is something I wholeheartedly approve of…

Along with sandwich shop pizza delivery debates…

Via here and here

Todd Was There

And his dad has great judgment.


It's The Only Road Adam Wants To Go Down

Line of the Night: “What’s funny about unlimited self blowjobs and getting paid to do the robot?”


Mike Myers Saved The Day

The running “I get comedy” debate was of course the highlight of the episode. Blake’s appreciation for classic comedies, Ders having a dry British sensibility, and Adam being on the cutting edge of indie (i.e. Indian) comedy all boiling down to each loving a different Mike Myers movie is what I’m talking about.

Jillian + broom also deserves a GIF mention, but alas, I have not seen one.


Bill's Cake Is Funny Because It Says J/K


That's Just Good Wordplay


90's Nostalgia Soft Spot

My enjoyment of this despite myself is why Buzzfeed is taking over the internet in a microcosm.


And, Of Course, Tip-Sipping Practice

I was to understand rib removal had to be involved.


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