W(TF)ilfred Recap: ‘Regrets’

09.06.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

wilfred sunglasses

In three years, when the final scene of the final episode of Wilfred shows the entire cast in Purgatory, surrounded by polar bears and a man in black, we’ll have “Regrets” to blame. Assuming the show makes it that far. There’s no guarantee FX (or FXX, for that matter) will renew Wilfred for another season; last we heard, “deal issues” were being ironed out — ratings have dramatically decreased this year, which is a shame, because it’s been a pretty solid season of TV. A step back from season two, sure, but “Regrets” was a satisfying enough conclusion.

Dexter’s dad died, again; Anne finally factored into the series’ arc, rather than only occasionally mattering in individual scenes; Jenna continued to look very pretty; Drew said the word “devagification”; and Ryan and Wilfred both bonded and fought, as they’ve done so many times before, though not to this degree. “Regrets” ended with Ryan telling off his pissing sunglasses-wearing companion, in that Wilfred’s a companion that wears sunglasses and he pissed in a car, at his father’s funeral, before traveling to Bodfish, where he discovers a crumbled statue showing Wilfred, or a dog that looks a lot like Wilfred, doing his best Han Solo-frozen-in-Carbonite pose.

It was an eerie and effective final shot, one that leaves me wanting a fourth season. C’mon FX(X) — there are now twice as many channels for you to schedule the show on. I’m sure the world can do without one extra airing of Bad Teacher a week. Anyway, the obvious, season-best W(TF)ilfred goes to…

wilfred statue

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