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Last night, at the end of “Parks and Recreation,” NBC ran a promo for network’s website that encouraged viewers to check out Andy and April’s wedding registry. The problem is, even though Andy and April have had the “will they or won’t they?” buzz since last season, they’re not even dating yet. (On the NBC website, there’s only a

Now, if you’re me, you think to yourself, “Huh, that’s weird,” then you finish your bourbon and forget it happened. If you’re an obsessively annoying TV viewer you take to the Internet and throw around the S-word. Geekosystem ran its theories for the blunder under the headline “NBA Promo for Parks and Recreation Accidentally Releases HUGE Spoiler?” and fans are already up in arms about having the April-Andy wedding ruined.

On behalf of sane and reasonable people everywhere, I’m going to ask everyone to CALM THE F*CK DOWN. I’ll bet the folder containing all my corgi photos that April and Andy don’t get married this season. It’s either an idiotic mistake (entirely possible because it’s NBC) or a clever way to generate buzz among the reactionary Internet crowd (also possible because it’s “Parks and Rec”). Take a puff of your inhaler and go back to petting your cats; the PTA is not disbanding.

UPDATE: Per showrunner Michael Schur, it was supposed to be a promo for Ron and Tammy’s registry. NBC messed it up somehow. Man, it sure is easy to be right when you don’t flip out over trivial crap.

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