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‘Nintendo Land’: The Review

By 11.29.12

The precisely formulated, streamlined menus and generic visuals of Wii Sports have been replaced by a bustling, garish hub area, that only gets more bustling and garish the longer you play. The bland graphics of the Wii-line have been swapped for a more traditional Nintendo look — colorful, stylized and often downright cute.

This is Monita. Don’t do a Google image search for him/her with the filter off. Yes, apparently Monita-porn is a thing.

Then there’s Monita. Monita is a flying computer screen/robot thing that hounds you with constant rules and instructions throughout the first few hours of Nintendo Land. I can see what Nintendo’s trying to do. They’re trying to make Nintendo Land’s attractions as approachable as possible, but the constant barrage of information has the opposite effect. I’m a veteran gamer, and even my head started to swim after a while.

Nintendo Land isn’t going to be the next Wii Sports — at least not in the way Nintendo wants it to be. Nintendo Land will have your grandparents running for the hills, or at the very least have them complaining about the game’s lack of bowling and cow racing. But you know what? I’m not here to analyse the financial viability of Nintendo Land, I’m here to tell you whether it’s fun, and I’m glad to report it is.

“Ugh, yuck. Colorful. Cartoony. Back to Wii Sports Bowling” – Old people you know

Not only did I have a blast with Nintendo Land, but it gave me a real sense of the Wii U’s potential. Nintendo Land is something long time Nintendo fans are almost guaranteed to enjoy, which was clearly one of the company’s aims — they have a lot of lapsed fans to win back. That said, I think Nintendo’s also hoping Nintendo Land will appeal to their casual Wii audience, and why not? Both casual and veteran gamers bought Wii Sports. This time around though, they may not be able to have things both ways.

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