Quick Hits On The 2013 NBA All-Star Game Starters

By: 01.18.13

East Coast All-Star Starting Five

Rajon Rondo – Rondo still doesn’t have a jumper but he’s the glue leading Boston’s resurgence. Hate him all you want. I know I do. However their aging support cast would be in crisis mode without him.

Dwyane Wade – No, just no. The player formally known as flash has lost more than a step thanks to injury and inconsistency. His scoring abilities are at their worst in years. Chris Bosh should’ve been Miami’s second selection.

LeBron James – Well, he made it again. Next!

Carmelo Anthony – Anthony’s been playing out of his mind all year so the pick is deserved. Expect things to get awkward when he shares the front court with…

Kevin Garnett – …This guy! My basketball nerd side wants to hate on this pick so bad but I’ll let it ride. Here’s hoping for a front court implosion between these bozos.

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