Quick Hits On The 2013 NBA All-Star Game Starters

By: 01.18.13  •  39 Comments

Who Got Snubbed?

There are a few trends you should notice in all of this. For starters, the Spurs have the second best record in the league yet feature zero starters. Meanwhile, the Lakers are 11th in the West and have two starters. It sounds wrong because it is.

Indiana and Chicago continue to succeed without their respective star players in Danny Granger and Derrick Rose. Losing Rose is obviously a far larger hurdle than missing Granger. Nevertheless, it’s possible the Bulls and Pacers will have no representation in Houston. The same is especially true for Denver but, much like last year, there aren’t strong arguments for snubs on their roster.

The conferences’ respective coaches have the duty to vote on reserves. They have the usual mess to clean up but here’s hoping the heads who deserve it get their shine. Now if you excuse me I have to start my Brook Lopez/Joakim Noah ASG front court campaign.

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