NFL Conference Championships: San Francisco VS. Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens VS. New England Patriots

By: 01.20.13  •  73 Comments

5 Reasons The New England Patriots Will Win (Raj)

1. The Ravens defense has been on the field for a gang of plays over the last two weeks. Yes, they’re running on adrenaline but when that no huddle offense gets cooking those B-More legs are going to be spent.

2. The Ravens have been vulnerable against the run all season and the Patriots have a solid, underrated run game. They’re undefeated when rushing over 100 yards – a trend that should hold up today.

3. The Pats have also been able to hold opposing running backs in check all season. As good as Ray Rice is, he should get relatively bottled up from scrimmage forcing Ugly Flacco to toss the rock more than he’d want.

4. Not having Gronk is a huge blow to the New England scheme, but Aaron Hernandez isn’t a scrub. Expect near double-digit receptions and a 100+ yards.

5. Really, this boils down to which quarterback do you trust. And are you really holding out hope that Flacco is going to outplay Tom Brady? No, right? Right.

Final Score: 35-31 Patriots

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