NFL Wild Card Weekend: Baltimore Ravens VS. Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks VS. Washington Redskins

By: 01.06.13

5 Reasons The Seattle Seahawks Will Win (Raj)

1. Russell Wilson has built himself a very strong case for Rookie of the Year during the last few games. And though RGIII is no slouch himself, the ‘Hawks QB has risen to the occasion just about every time the pressure’s been on him.

2. Thanks to Marshawn Lynch, Seattle is one of the last remaining run-first football teams left in the NFL. As long as the game goes through Beast Mode, they’ll be controlling the clock and doing the most effective thing they possibly can against Griffin – not letting him have the ball.

3. Between Aderall Admiral Danny Brown Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, the Seahawks arguably have the best cornerback tandem in the league and they’ll allow the rest of the defense to focus on running back Alfred Morris and the ground game, while they shut down the deep balls.

4. Washington’s defense isn’t great and Pete Carroll won’t hesitate to go right at Mike Shanahan’s throat the entire game. Hell, don’t be surprised if there’s a little running up the score in this game either.

5. RGIII’s knee is still iffy and Seattle’s front four will capitalize. As long as they can constantly put pressure on the QB, he’ll be hesitant to do too much outside the pocket and consequentially be forced to throw the ball earlier than he’d like to.

Final Score: 20-17, Seahawks

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