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An Abridged Guide To 20 Classic Movies Celebrating Big Anniversaries In 2014

By / 02.27.14

indiana jones the last crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Released: May 24, 1989 (25 Years)

Yes, the original is a classic. Yes, the first sequel is questionable (and racist!). But the third installment in the franchise Spielberg and Lucas built is still my personal favorite and a box office smash. The film teamed Sean Connery (James Bond) with Harrison Ford (Han Solo) against Nazis. That alone makes the film worthy of praise.



Released: June 23, 1989 (25 Years)

Before Nolan made Batman films cerebral–and before Clooney’s rubber nipples mortified a generation–Tim Burton, Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and a VERY hot Kim Basinger brought the caped crusader back to the mainstream after a decade of being dormant. It was the perfect marriage of Burton’s trademark aesthetic and the mythology of Gotham’s favorite son.

Do The Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

Released: June 30, 1989 (25 Years)

I’m sure we could argue all day about which is the best Spike Lee film, but I hope we can agree that the 1989’s Do the Right Thing is probably his more poignant, stylized, and “fresh.” Later Lee films would either be too in-your-face or lacking in execution, but Do the Right Thing was tempered and paced perfectly. If there was ever a film to prove that Spike Lee is a genius, this is it.

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