10 Things You Might Not Know About 'Police Academy' On Its 30th Anniversary

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6. The character Larvell Jones wasn’t in the first draft of the script. It’s difficult to imagine Police Academy without Michael Winslow, but his character wasn’t even in the first version of the script. Casting directors insisted that his character be written in after seeing him open for Count Basie.

7. You won’t find the Blue Oyster bar in California. The actual bar used is The Silver Dollar Room, a music venue located in Toronto.

8. Actors Scott Thompson and Brant von Hoffman had to wear wigs during filming. The head shaving scene of characters Chad Copeland and Kyle Blankes caused problems as it was filmed too early in production. To work around this issue, producers had Thompson and von Hoffman wear wigs for all the scenes in the movie before their haircut.

9. Sgt. Callahan’s firearm enthusiasm wasn’t faked. Leslie Easterbrook didn’t have to pretend to know how to use Callahan’s hand cannon, the actress was an avid gun enthusiast prior to the movie. The NRA member and accomplished sports shooter even released her own shooting video, Real Beginner’s Guide To The Shotgun Sports.

10. The megaphone shoe polish gag came from a prank played on the director of Death Wish. Mahonney’s shoe polish prank on Lt. Harris’ megaphone was inspired by a prank played on British director Michael Winner. A crew member told Police Academy director Hugh Wilson about the joke who thought the gag would fit perfect with Mahonney’s jokester persona.

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