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By 03.25.14

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Did Jimmy Fallon seriously just put together a silly QVC sketch featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger for the sole purpose of getting him to scream, “get to the chopper!” Why yes, I believe he did. And the result is glorious.

Schwarzenegger has long been a living soundboard for his famous quotes. Since he’s making the rounds to promote Sabotage, I can’t blame The Tonight Show¬†for jumping at the chance to utilize it on the air. Even if the bit is incredibly stupid from the get go.

This reminds me of how much I hold to the idea that Predators would’ve been much cooler if Arnie was involved in the Laurence Fishburne role. It’s not that I disliked Cowboy Curtis or his crazy survivalist antics. I just think that connecting it to the original in a way that wasn’t subtle winks and rehashed plot would’ve been a lot more fun. At least we still have ]Gary Busey.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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