'SNL' Recap: The Worst Episode Of The Season

By: 03.02.14  •  72 Comments

12 Years Auditions

Slavery was really tough on white male actors in the 2010s, you guys.

Weekend Update

Hello, Colin Jost, you look like the husband of a famous actress at the Emmys. It was a fairly promising start for Jost: I hated the way he sincerely thanked the audience for the opportunity to host Weekend Update, never undercutting the emotion with a joke, and he needs to work on his delivery, but that can be excused for first-time nerves, because otherwise, he was OK. Seth Meyers-like, which isn’t a terrible thing.

Weekend Update: Charles Barkley and Shaq

Jay Pharaoh missed a cue worse than Shaq did the hoop at the freethrow line (“joke” stolen from Kazaam, or maybe it was Steel?), but he and Kenan more than made up for it with the one-second naps.

Weekend Update: Jebidiah Atkinson

God I wish Jebidiah Atkinson was real, and that he could share his thoughts on this episode.

Murder Mystery

“Murder Mystery” was like Paul Blart, in that the best joke was the name of the lead character: “Simply Dudley.” Beyond that, yeesh. Parsons came across as a total ass, NOT an oversexed nutball, and his pessimism draged down the momentum that never really took off in the first place, anyway.


Beautifully symbolic of the entire episode: it smelled like crap.


For the first time all season, hell, for the first time since I started regularly recapping the show, I fell asleep while watching SNL. Between the 10-minute delay and the overall mediocrity of the episode, I couldn’t make it through all of “Cowboys” without briefly drifting off. I woke up to fake-Jim Parsons being catapulted and shot, or something, and I’m fairly certain I don’t have to go back and watch what I missed. Lucky fake-Jim Parsons. Bastard gets shot, we have to live with the pain of this episode. BRING BACK SETH.

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