This Is What Happens When You Ask Your Friend To House-Sit And He Gives Reddit A Photo Of Your Home

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03.26.14 7 Comments

Earlier today, a Redditor that goes by the handle “grimmalkin” posted a series of photos of his home that he recently came across while cleaning up his email inbox. It turns out that last July, he had asked his friend, whose Reddit name used to be “Googlie Mooglie,” to watch his home while he was on vacation, and like any good pal would, Googlie turned around and posted a photo of grimmalkin’s house on the subreddit /r/picrequests, asking for some help with creative photoshops. Basically, he wanted to send grimmalkin a different hilarious photo of his home each day to make his vacation a little… uneasy.

While the homeowner initially thought that Googlie was the sole culprit behind the devious photoshops, they actually came from several Redditors, but each one is as funny (and somewhat mean) as the next. That’s why grimmalkin offered a tip of the cap today to the folks who came forward to claim these works of art.

First, the original for context…

Now the obvious and incredibly impressive idea of a “raging inferno” from Chigaru…

BrownAir suggested that he tell grimmalkin that something was wrong with his toaster…

imaginative2409 gave that drab grey home some new life with a realistic paint job…

brboome noticed something in that second floor window…

Wildebeast1 stopped by to kick grimmalkin out of his home…

Pan_Goat looked up in the sky and shouted, “GODZILLA!”

thepirateranger decided to go the more subtle route and it’s kind of scary how real this one looks. Like, if someone sent this to me while I was on vacation, there’s a good chance I’d have a heart attack.

ewilz went for the same result with this broken window pain, and again, I would have FREAKED OUT.

daddyjackpot eventually showed up with some ladies of the night to really get this party going.

Finally, amightyviking left me scratching my head for a few minutes with this one, but I’m sure you geniuses will get it in a split second. Needless to say, it’s the kind of difference that could drive the right man right past the brink of insanity.

Very well done, Reddit. (H/T to Happy Place)

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