Harrison Barnes Presents The NBA Dunk Of The Year (So Far)

11.25.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

The NBA is in its infant stages and most of you have yet to give it your full attention with the NFL in full swing. But come June when the season is over, we may all be looking back at a dunk in November for the year’s best. During a pretty good battle between Golden State and Minnesota, Harrison Barnes bounced around the paint like Tigger (c) Juicy J to deliver a nasty dunk on Nikola Pekovic. Just blatant disregard for his fellow man. Yikes.

Sidebar: Why do NBA players do that thing on the bench where they’re like holding everyone back? Has a player ever run on the court to celebrate a dunk like he’s at Rucker Park or something? Is he supposed to be so blown away by the dunk that he’s been thrust backward onto his teammates? What’s exactly going on here? I don’t understand.

Also just because holy hot damn, here’s a video from a couple of days ago of Indiana’s Lance Stephenson putting Tony Parker on tumble dry low. Tony hit the deck like someone just yelled “oh sh*t Drake just threw a bottle!”

And a .gif because lulz.

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