Kevin Garnett Adopts New Jersey Number To Pay Homage To Fallen Teammate Malik Sealy

07.13.13 4 years ago 6 Comments


Peruse through any dictionary to find more than 1,000 words accurately describing Kevin Garnett, both positively and negatively. “Loyal” is definitely one of them. After learning K.G. was headed to Brooklyn a few weeks ago, part of me was hoping he’d return to #21, the number he made legendary during his decade plus tenure in Minnesota. The number he ended up choosing was a hundred times more powerful.

Starting this fall, “The Big Ticket” will be wearing #2 in honor of Malik Sealy. Time truly does fly because 13 years have already passed since Sealy was killed in a head-on collision by Souksangouane Phengsene, who was drunk at the time. The former St. John’s standout was driving home after leaving Garnett’s 24th birthday party.

These sort of actions are why – despite the occasional B.S. he’ll pull – I’ve always respected K.G. It’s why his emotional embrace with Kevin McHale last year following the death of McHale’s daughter was lowkey one of the best moments of the season. There’s this genuine bond of love and appreciation for people he feels helped him become a better man on and off the court that he wears as a badge of honor. None moreso than Sealy perhaps.

Watch this clip of Kevin reflecting on his time with Malik back in 2010. Be prepared to grab a tissue, too. It’s definitely one that’ll have us all wondering if someone is chopping onions in the other room.

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