A Miami Heat Fan, His Half-Court Hook Shot And A LeBron James Bear Hug

01.26.13 4 years ago 22 Comments


By now, chances are you’ve probably seen this video of the Miami Heat fan, Michael Drysch, nailing a half-court shot for $75,000 only to be tackled by what seemed to be an even-more-excited LeBron James. But there’s more to the clip.

1. Kudos to Michael – even in his moment of unbridled euphoria – for keeping a grasp on reality. When asked what he would do now that his pockets were $75G’s heavier, his response was, “Bills. Government.” Ain’t that the damn truth. Uncle Sam is going to get his under whatever circumstances.

2. He probably deserved $150,000 for pulling off a hook shot. Degree of difficulty has to be factored into events like this.

3. The announcer dubbing the shot the “half-court hooker” is just all sorts of awesome. And all sorts of appropriate, too, considering the city is Miami we’re talking about.

4. Seriously, dislike LeBron for whatever reason you please, but this? The King’s reaction was pretty f*ckin’ awesome regardless of what side of the fence you’re sitting on. Plus, the money comes from The LeBron James Family Foundation. Your move, Durant. Wait, what?

5. The game? Oh yeah, the game. Miami coasted to a 110-88 victory over Detroit behind Dwyane Wade’s 29 points, five rebounds and seven assists and LBJ’s 23 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and one Ray Lewis/Patrick Willis-esque tackle. The Pistons’ Greg Monroe (easily becoming one of the more underrated players in the game) had 31 points and 12 rebounds.

Bonus: Throwing lob passes back and forth to one another and what not, D-Wade and LeBron had fun on the court to go along with Michael’s big moment. The last three games Bron and Wade have scored a combined 184 points. Opposing starting lineups have scored 182. Y’all stay blessed, now.

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