Nas, Young Jeezy & The Kid Daytona Evoke The Holiday Spirit

12.24.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Big media publications are so quick to point out the negative stories that routinely plague the inner dwelings of Hip-Hop, even if they don’t regularly cover the culture. So when it comes to broadcasting the diametrically opposite events like charitable and humaniterian missions, the majority of us aren’t holding a collective breath for any type of reports. Which is alright, though. The purities of man generally aren’t recognized nor do they need to be make a difference.

It sounds cliché but it’s what is inside that matters. Hip-Hop has a big heart and its not afraid to put it to use for those in not-so-fortunate situations. Never hesitiate to give back. Never forget where you come from.

MTV was on location when Nas went out to support the HIV/AIDS community at the request of his friend Melba (who owns Melba’s Restaurant on 114th St. in Harlem) on behalf of Maria Davis, an activist for the disease in the local area. Salute to you, Brother Escobar.

Already glowing with the power of giving, Young Jeezy and V-103’s Ryan Cameron kept Atlanta’s underprivileged children in their thoughts and opened their pockets to donate some provisions for their Christmas trees. Decatur Dan filmed in admiration as their little faces lit up with glee.

Taking it back to NYC, Frank C. Matthews, author of Respect The Jux and The Kid Daytona brought BET to Brooklyn and gave foster children some hope for a future where the statistics don’t speak in their favor. Christmas is merely but a day but gifts of inspiration can last a lifetime.

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