One Man’s NBA All-Star Game Reserves Selections In 140 Characters

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With the starters announced last week, the reserves will be unveiled tonight at 7:00 p.m. on TNT. As it does every year, tonight’s announcement will inevitably cause Twitter, barbershops and local watering holes to launch into the always entertaining and passionate “this whole thing is rigged” kick. Before tonight, however, let’s say America is interested in knowing my decision for both the East and West’s reserves. Because, why wouldn’t ‘Murica be? And by “America,” I mean all six of you. Let’s get down to the guidelines.


1. Every reserve is given the Twitter treatment; this means my reasoning is given in 140 characters or less.
2. There are no rules.
3. Seriously, there aren’t any. Aside from #1, of course.

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East Reserves

BC – Kyrie Irving — Kyrie is my dark horse candidate for ASG MVP. If nothing else, I just want him on the floor in the fourth when it actually becomes a game.

BC – Jrue Holiday — He’s been the best thing running Philly sports this year and one of the more promising young guards in the game. Imagine if Bynum were there.

FC – David West — West has taken an all-around approach this year with no true PG for Indy. Reward the man who always looks angry. Before he fights you.

FC – Tyson Chandler — The best defensive center in basketball is steadily improving his offense. Truth be told, Chandler should be the starter. But whatever.

FC – Joakim Noah — Deng or Boozer could’ve easily gone here. But somehow, someway, I just want to see Garnett and Noah forced to play together. Selfish? Yes.

WC – Brook Lopez — Brook’s been arguably the most consistent player on Brooklyn, as well as improving on defense and grabbing boards.

WC – Paul George — He’s got the style of play for an ASG. He’s got the body of work this year proving such. The future of Pacers basketball, ladies and gents.

Snubs: Carloos Boozer, Carlos Boozer’s head paint (#NeverForget), Loul Deng, Chris Bosh, Josh Smith (I hate it had to be him I left off), Paul Pierce, Greg Monroe

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West Reserves

BC – Russell Westbrook — The second best player on the (current) best team in basketball who continues to improve. This isn’t up for debate.

BC – James Harden — Hopefully Houston snaps out this funk they’re in, but Harden deserves the nod. Plus, you know, the game’s in H-Town.

FC – Tim Duncan — Timmy’s numbers this year prove he’s an All Star, even at 36. That said, he likely wants nothing to do with the game itself.

FC – Marc Gasol — If things stay the course, Marc will be a legit Defensive Player of the Year candidate and probably the league’s best passing big man.

FC – David Lee — Almost went LaMarcus Aldridge. Almost went Zach Randolph. I’ve got a soft spot for this Warriors team. Sue me.

WC – Tony Parker — Reward him because, despite not having the flash of other PG’s, he’s undoubtedly one of the better floor generals year-in and and year-out.

WC – Stephen Curry — All I ask is whenever he gets in the game is to let him run alongside Kevin Durant. Imagine what that would look like.

Snubs: Zach Randolph, Serge Ibaka, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Al Jefferson

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