Phil The Thrill – VAlien 2 EP

11.27.13 4 years ago


Music sounds best when it’s produced naturally. So if that means stepping away from the mic to allow life to cultivate new experiences and new material, then so be it. Such was the case for Virginia’s own Phil The Thrill. A new gig in Atlanta and a new project barely scratch the surface when speaking of what’s changed for Phil since 2011’s VAlien EP.

The second installment is a melodic listen into the mind of artist balancing responsibility with chasing a dream in a new city with new faces and chances. Harking back to stepping away from the mic for a moment, the time away seems to not only have helped Phil mature as a person, but his music as well. A standout in particular is “StereoType,” a record highlighting exactly what the title suggests.

“Can I live? Can I fuckin’ live?
Are y’all gon’ stare at me every time I leave my fuckin’ crib?
Y’all judge me, so I judge you
I guess we both wrong, so who’s above who?
I don’t care about them Jordans or them Nikes (nah)
I always wonder why they run from me at night
Lady walking past she grip her purse tight
I swear to God that’s the story of my life
Some just can’t relate, others never know
The struggle just to make it through or live to 24
So now we hit that liquor and hope it make it all go
And little did we know it only makes our minds slow
This is me and no, no human is the same
So don’t blame it on my color, it’s so ignorant and lame
And I’m just trying to shed light
Fuck it all, I’m just trying to live right…”

Clocking in at 11 songs, VA2’s not only an efficient listen, but a quick and notably soulful one as well. If your job is like many other workplaces in America, very little work is getting done this holiday week. There’s already a “next week” pile in most cases. In the meantime, the clock must be watched, so why not kill at least 45-50 minutes embracing new music? That leaves only six other hours to look somewhat busy while fantasies of stuffing, baked mac and cheese, collard greens and sweet potatoes pollute the brain.

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