Pink Dollaz – Pink Drugs Mixtape

11.23.12 5 years ago

Nicki Minaj might have the color pink on lock, but Pink Dollaz are just as worthy of the feminine yet spunky color with the undeniably addictive nature of Pink Drugz.

Ironically, I find myself wanting to obsessively listen to the project because everything about it is done in pure moderation. It’s not too electronic or too aggressive, and encompasses the perfect blend of hi-hats, claps, and attitude. “No Make-Up,” driven by the Drake sample but notable for their nimble flow over the beat, is one of the highlights as they make it sound like chilling with no makeup on is trendier than anything on the Parisian catwalks.

There’s no telling if Pink Drugs will replace Molly as the stylish drug of the moment, but as these girls prove, it’s certainly possible.

DownloadPink Dollaz – Pink Drugs Mixtape

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