Sexy Friday Knows The Task At Hand

10.05.12 5 years ago 89 Comments

It was a big week for the sexy business. Cuffing season is getting down to the wire. The phenomenon that is butt chugging has crossed over into the mainstream. A lot people f*cked after watching Tony Romo implode against the Bears, because that seems like an appropriate response to something that entertaining.

All in all, gangbusters week. And it had to be, because the silly season is over and now politics is front and center with only the most overwrought of its bullsh*t. And there’s nothing less sexy than politics. You can argue that’s a necessary thing. I will counter DOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN’TTTTTT CCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEE.

Sexy Friday has to do its part. Well, all the parts, really.

Inclusion for the ladies/non-traditional male reader/Chris Kluwe fans:

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