Watch This Badass Toddler Plunder A Chuck E. Cheese Ticket Machine For All Its Worth


Come for the little girl stealing an assload of tickets, stay for the nightmare-inducing music playing in the background.


Here Are The Top ‘Most Liked’ Songs In The History Of Pandora

By | 10 Comments

Pandora shares the 10 most-liked songs in its 10-year history. And you thought Gotye was just somebody that you used to know.


Donald Trump Also Has Strong Feelings Regarding The ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

By | 7 Comments

Trump took to his Instagram to yell about the new all-female 'Ghostbusters' and Harrison Ford-free 'Indiana Jones.'


Here’s Your First Look At Michael Fassbender On Set As Steve Jobs

By | 11 Comments

Sure, this photo is really blurry and was taken from a distance, but look how much Michael Fassbender looks like Steve Jobs.


Watch Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Discuss #DeflateGate And Knock Out Some Lights On ‘Conan’

By | 7 Comments

Drew Brees has no problem telling the difference between a fully inflated football and a partially uninflated ball.


Enjoy This Meteorologist’s Lively Improvised Forecast After His Weather Map Goes On The Fritz

By | 6 Comments

After his weather map showed insanely high temperatures, forecaster Cory McCloskey improvised a funny broadcast.

#Nick Offerman

Has Nick Offerman Ditched His Signature Mustache?

By | 10 Comments

The "Parks and Recreation" actor is at Sundance promoting his latest film and his new look is turning heads. The mustache is gone. Repeat, the mustache is gone.

#Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston Cracked A Tom Brady #DeflateGate Joke After ‘Breaking Bad’s’ PGA Win

By | 4 Comments

Bryan Cranston issued a major burn to Tom Brady after thanking the Producers Guild for awarding "Breaking Bad" at last night's show.


Google’s Chairman Claims That ‘The Internet Will Disappear’ Sooner Than We Think

By | 7 Comments

The Google chair says there will be so much internet, we will become one with the internet.


What’s Really Going On In Lindsay Lohan’s Sexy Selfie?

By | 51 Comments

Look closely at this Lindsay Lohan selfie, look real, real closely.


There’s A Petition To Stop Adam Baldwin’s Upcoming Convention Appearance Due To GamerGate

By | 28 Comments

Anti-GamerGate activists have started a petition to remove Baldwin from the Supernova convention, but a counter-petition is catching up.


This Guy Bought A Lotto Ticket To Break A $100 Bill And Ended Up Winning Millions

By | 3 Comments

A Boston area man wanted a sandwich and brought home millions in lotto winnings after breaking a $100 bill.

bad teachers

Meet The Teacher Who Was Arrested After Allegedly Having Sex With A Student In The Teacher’s Lounge

By | 55 Comments

This woman allegedly had sex with a student multiple times in the teacher's lounge.

The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

The Best Moments From The First Week Of ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’

By | 17 Comments

Larry Wilmore's 'The Nightly Show' is off to a great start, proving there is life after Colbert.


Authorities In Hong Kong Are Looking For A Teenage Girl Who Pulled Off A $4 Million Diamond Heist

By | 9 Comments

According to authorities in Hong Kong, a teenage girl was part of a team responsible for stealing a $4 million diamond necklace.


Here’s How ‘Humans Of New York’ Raised Over $500,000 For A Brooklyn Middle School In Under Two Days

By | 2 Comments

Brandon Stanton's IndieGoGo campaign sought to only raise $30,000 for a Brownsville middle school to visit Harvard University.

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