This Woman Rejected A Man On Facebook, So He Allegedly Burned Her House Down


Apparently social media is turning us into programmed, emotionless automatons who respond to Facebook rejections with arson.


J.K. Rowling’s New Story Reveals The Sad Truth About Draco Malfoy


J.K. Rowling has confirmed what fan fiction writers have known for years, which is that Draco Malfoy is more complicated than the typical school yard bully.

The Holderness Family

Turns Out The Holderness Family Loved ‘SNL’ Making Fun Of Their ‘Xmas Jammies’

By | 23 Comments

'Saturday Night Live' poked fun at the Holderness Family and they loved every minute of it.


Watch Scary The Snowman Spread Some Holiday Cheer By Scaring The Bejesus Out Of Boston Locals

By | 8 Comments

Freaky the Scary Snowman is Frosty's evil twin and his job is anything but cheerful. Happy Holidays from Frosty's evil twin!

Frank Zappa

Get Your Freak On: 5 Gloriously Weird Frank Zappa Albums Worth At Least One Listen

By | 9 Comments

Exploring the deeper output of one of music's great eccentrics, Frank Zappa.


Reddit Reveals Plans To Give $5 Million To Its Users, But There’s A Catch

By | 16 Comments

The $5 million will be distributed as 'Reddit Notes' — an vague form of digital currency.


Google Plus Can Now Automatically Enhance Your Crappy Videos For You


New feature will automatically enhance user videos it thinks could benefit from some touch ups. In other news, Google+ thinks.


Now You Can Binge Watch ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse’ Whenever You Want Thanks To Netflix

By | 6 Comments

Cancel your holiday plans because 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse' is streaming now and it demands to be binge watched.


This Australian Comedian Did His Own Parody Of ‘Humans Of New York’ And It’s Wonderful

By | 2 Comments

Australian television personality Hamish Blake couldn't find the famous photographer, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.


Anonymous Claims They Will Release ‘The Interview’ Themselves In This New Series Of Tweets

By | 86 Comments

Anonymous took to Twitter to voice their anger at the cancellation of 'The Interview,' vowing to release the movie as a Christmas gift.


There Were Several Heartbreaking ‘Doctor Who’ Easter Eggs Hidden In ‘Gracepoint’


David Tennant's co-workers wouldn't let him hide from the legacy of 'Doctor Who' while on the set of 'Gracepoint'.


Watch This Kangaroo Sucker-Punch The Sh*t Out Of A Drone

By | 7 Comments

Australian 'roo knocks the drone straight out of the sky with one fell swoop.


You Can Buy Darryl Strawberry’s Contract And Get Paid By The Mets

By | 3 Comments

For a little more than a half-a-million bucks, The New York Mets will pay you like you're name is Darryl Strawberry.


McDonald’s Is About To Eliminate A Bunch Of Your Favorite Menu Items

By | 36 Comments

A number of Quarter Pounder, Snack Wrap, and Premium Chicken sandwich options will be phased out.


Madonna Reminds Everyone She Is Still Around With The Surprise Release Of Six New Singles

By | 6 Comments

Those who buy 'Rebel Heart' pre-sale on iTunes can download six new songs, as well as the privilege of knowing Madonna's still making music.

#The Interview

Here’s How Sony Could Release ‘The Interview’ Without Going Through Theaters Or Netflix

By | 16 Comments

Now that Sony has canceled the theatrical release for 'The Interview', VOD options are on the table, but could Sony stay in-house?


A High School Student In Upstate New York Fought To Pose With Her Rifle In A Yearbook Photo

By | 24 Comments

The yearbook committee originally refused the photo due to the gun's presence, but senior Rebekah Rorick fought to have it included.


Kim Kardashian Decided To Scold Her Mom Via Email For Dressing Like An ‘Omish’ Person

By | 19 Comments

Kim criticized her mom's wardrobe, saying, "we need chic, tights dresses not this omish sh*t anymore."

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