This Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive After This Insane Motorcycle Crash

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Luck and quick reflexes are two good things to have.

ice bucket challenge

Here’s A Bunch Of People Screwing Up The Ice Bucket Challenge

By | 5 Comments

Anyone else sick of all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos? Yeah, you too? Good because here's a bunch of idiots screwing it up.


A 7-Year Old Florida Boy Told On His Mom For Having A Meth Lab In Her Trunk

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A Florida woman was arrested after her 7-year old son told her landlord about the bag of meth-cooking equipment in her trunk.

#als ice bucket challenge

James Franco, Sans Pants, Leads This Round Up Of Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


Catch up on all of the celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges you may have missed.


Nickelback Is Back With A New Song And They Have Gone Full Crap Version Of Metallica

By | 13 Comments

Nickelback is ripping off Metallica. Not only that, but Metallica's LATE period.


Another Man Was Shot And Killed By Police Officers Near Ferguson, Missouri Today

By | 82 Comments

There was another shooting just outside Ferguson this afternoon and it involved a young black male brandishing a knife.

#music videos

Vanessa Bayer Is The Female Jerry Springer In Haim’s New Music Video


Vanessa Bayer puts on her finest ugly suit to play a talk show host in Haim's music video for "My Song 5."


New York Post: ‘Hey Ladies, Catcalls Are Flattering! Deal With It.’

By | 22 Comments

This might actually be the dumbest thing you'll read today. You have been warned.

nicki minaj

Here Is A Photo Of Nicki Minaj’s Butt Giving Drake A Boner

By | 3 Comments

Drake had a lot of fun on the set of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" music video.

#nathan fielder

Nathan Fielder Fooled The Internet Years Ago With A Fake Psychic Website

By | 9 Comments

Way before Dumb Starbucks was ever conceived, Nathan Fielder was impersonating a psychic healer on the internet.


About That Time ‘SNL’ Announcer Don Pardo Wanted To Give James Van Der Beek A Spanking

By | 4 Comments

The greatest words the great Don Pardo ever spoke: 'I'm gonna spank you."

kaley cuoco

Who Did The Ice Bucket Challenge Better: Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco or Nina Dobrev?

By | 29 Comments

Looks like Kaley Cuoco let the money get to her head because her Ice Bucket Challenge was only so-so in comparison to Nina Dobrev's.

rj mitte

Paul F Tompkins Had RJ Mitte Do A Blindfolded Cereal Tasting In ‘Breaking Breakfast’

By | 6 Comments

How many cereals do you think RJ Mitte can correctly identify in a blind taste test?

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