Watch These Two Parrots Bicker Like An Old Married Couple


And, sorry to tell you this, married friends, but sometimes you DO sound like this.

#Miley Cyrus

There’s A Surprising Amount Of Miley Cyrus References In These Songs, Y’all


For her 22nd birthday, we take a look at all the times Miley Cyrus found mentions in other artist's songs.


Here’s Dustin Hoffman Making Out With Jason Bateman On Kiss Cam

By | 2 Comments

Can we just say how much we love Dustin Hoffman? The actor didn't mind locking lips with his fellow guests on Graham Norton's talk show.


Harry Potter Theme Park Is Selling Hot Butterbeer


Universal Studios Orlando is now selling hot Butterbeer, a popular beverage from the Harry Potter series.

Super Smash Bros.

This Little Kitten Is A Serious Super Smash Bros. Gamer

By | 2 Comments

Super Smash Bros. is back and no one is more excited than this tiny kitten.

Pygmy Marmoset

This Pygmy Marmoset Really Loves Her Toothbrush


Ninita is a deaf pygmy marmoset who really loves toothbrush massages.


Sorry, Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Aniston Says She Had The ‘Original’ Butt Pic Cover Story


The 'Friends' actress (and her rump) graced the cover of 'Rolling Stone' back in 1996.


There Was A Naked Man On The Loose At Boston’s Logan Airport Yesterday

By | 2 Comments

Cops say 26-year-old Cameron Shenk stripped naked in a woman's bathroom and then assaulted an elderly man.


This Dog Was Finally Reunited With Its Owner After Being Stolen With Her Car Nearly Two Months Ago

By | 2 Comments

This Philadelphia high school teacher was miraculously reunited with her dog after it was stolen with her car back in October.


Christoph Waltz Is Reportedly Playing Blofeld In The Next ‘James Bond’ Film

By | 6 Comments

Rumor has it two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz will be joining the cast of Bond 24 as notorious franchise villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

#Jennifer Lawrence

Listen To What Jennifer Lawrence’s Singing Voice Really Sounds Like In ‘Mockingjay’


The actress was so nervous about singing a song for the film that she broke down in tears on set but the end result doesn't sound half bad.


Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Now Helping Kids Prepare For The SAT


Catalyst Prep is using Kim Kardashians butt in multiple-choice math questions in order to teach students Geometry.

#Star Wars

First Footage From ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Allegedly Hits The Web

By | 12 Comments

A leak supposedly shows the Millennium Falcon in action from the film's first trailer. How do I know it's legit? The lens flare.


Meet The Teen Who Was Allegedly Fired For Requesting Time Off For Cancer Treatment

By | 8 Comments

Jonathan Larson asked for six weeks off. Rosebud told him not to come back instead. Now Larson wants an apology from the restaurant.

sad christmas

The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever In Reading, Pennsylvania Is Going To Be Removed By The City

By | 8 Comments

The city of Reading, Pennsylvania erected a Christmas Tree so hideous that no amount of Christmas spirit is going to save it.


All Aboard The Poop Express: There’s A Bus In The UK That’s Powered Entirely By Sh*t

By | 5 Comments

"Bio-Bus" seats up to 40 people and runs on the biomethane gas that's produced from the treatment of sewage and food waste.


Boooo: Adam Pally Will Be Leaving ‘The Mindy Project’ In The Middle Of Season Three

By | 5 Comments

Things finally started to click when Adam Pally joined 'The Mindy Project,' how will the series manage without him?

Ant Man

Edgar Wright’s Departure From ‘Ant-Man’ Made Evangeline Lilly Nervous

By | 2 Comments

The 'Lost' star 'held off from signing' her contract after Marvel and Wright parted ways, but came to her senses after meeting Peyton Reed.


This 100-Year-Old Woman Got To See The Ocean For The First Time And Was Left Speechless

By | 3 Comments

Most of Ruby Holt's life has been spent working on a farm and she's never seen the coast — until now.

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