Google+ Isn’t Dead, But It Is Getting Re-Branded With A New Head Honcho

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Remember Google+? Did you use it? No? That may be why the company is re-branding it.


A Centuries-Old Mummy Was Just Discovered Inside This Buddha Statue


A CT scan revealed the remains of Buddhist master Liuquan, who died around 1100 AD. Sounds like *someone* took "rest in peace" literally.


Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ Won Big At The Razzie Awards

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The Christian holiday movie took home four Razzies, with Cameron Diaz and Megan Fox also picking up "honors."


Jared Leto Can’t Stop Thanking People For The Independent Spirit Award He Won Last Year


Jared Leto would like to thank Richard Simmons, all his homies at Poquito Mas on Ventura Boulevard, a frog and his grandmother.

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Won France’s Equivalent To An Oscar On Friday

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Yes, Kristen Stewart won an award, and yes, the French have their own Oscars.


Scarlett Johansson And One Of The Haim Sisters Have Started Their Own Band

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Scarlett Johansson has recruited Este Haim to be in her all-girl group called The Singles.

#Star Wars

Watch This Guy Make Some ‘Star Wars’ Pancakes For Pancake Day In The UK


While America celebrates Mardi Gras with beads and boobs, a chef in the UK marked "Pancake Day" with 'Star Wars'-themed pancakes.


Here’s ‘Frozen’ Re-Imagined As A Top Notch Remake Of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

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This parody ponders what would happen if John Carpenter had made 'Frozen' for Disney. Prepare to let it go, *sshole.

#Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The Next ‘Fight Of The Century’ Includes Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, And Marvel?

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In a contest between inhuman robots conquering the world and 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', everybody wins.


A Teen Was Charged With Murder After Uploading A Selfie With The Victim’s Body To Snapchat

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This Pennsylvania 16-year-old boasted about his alleged crime on the social network photo app.

#The Rock

The Rock Gave These Lucky Fans Big Sweaty Hugs And Proved Again Why He Is The Best

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On his way home from the gym, The Rock stopped to greet some fans and treat them to warm sweaty hugs

one direction

Twitter Trolls Celebrated The Start Of One Direction’s World Tour By Pranking Their Fans


One Direction kicked off their worldwide tour last night in Sydney and some Twitter trolls pulled a mean Twitter prank for the occasion.


Japan Is Building A New Hotel That Will Be Staffed Completely By Robots

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Henn-na Hotel (which translates into "Strange Hotel) will feature 10 robots, including three "actroid" receptionists.


A Convenience Store Clerk Says That He Had To Buy Dennis Rodman Vitamins To Get A Picture With Him

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If you see Dennis Rodman on the street and you want a picture, you might want to have some Flintstones chewables at the ready.

#Grammys 2015

Iggy Azalea Thinks Her Haters Will Come Out In Droves If She Wins At The Grammy Awards

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Iggy Azalea is prepared for any hate she might get for winning at tonight's Grammy Awards.


A New Study Is Asking If High Alcohol Consumption Could Protect Against ALS

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This new study lives in a place where the Ice Bucket Challenge meets the Smirnoff Ice Challenge.

Serial Podcast

Adnan Syed From ‘Serial’ Has Been Granted An Appeal

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Adnan Syed, the subject of the popular podcast 'Serial," has been granted an appeal after claiming his first attorney was "ineffective."


Lots Of People Came Together To Give A Brand New Car To This Man Who Commutes 21 Miles A Day On Foot

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The story of Detroit factory worker James Robertson moved many to offer their donations.

#Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Showed Off His Lap Dancing Skills At The Hasty Pudding ‘Man Of The Year’ Award Ceremony


A lap dancing, half-dressed in drag Chris Pratt is our favorite kind of Chris Pratt.

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