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Kesha Would Really Like Your Teeth So She Can Get Through Rehab By Making Art With Them

By 01.22.14

Everyone’s favorite John Travolta lookalike, Ke$ha, has asked a friend to plead to her fans on Twitter for their teeth to make “art.” She doesn’t just want you teeth, you guys, SHE NEEDS THEM. Via Twitter:

 Kesha needs your teeth

This all seems completely normal. This one time I asked my ex-girlfriend for her families old left shoes, and she just laughed at me. What did I need them for? That doesn’t matter right now, the important thing is that you start gathering teeth from your mouth, your friends, graves, the ground in a meth house, the dentists upper drawer, and your Dad’s dentures. Where it comes from doesn’t matter, right? Via TMZ:

A rep for the rehab center tells TMZ … there will be no canine crafting during her stint in treatment because “We can’t accept human remains.”

The rep explains, “There is always a risk that it could be of bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that’s real.”

Okay, so apparently rehab centers have rules like not bringing in the remains of a human being to be made in to an elementary school art project. When I was a kid, I used macaroni and glue to make projects that my parents reluctantly used magnets to hang on our Refrigerator. I guess this is why my Mother cried so much.

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