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All The GIFs From Katy Perry’s Apparently ‘Racist’ ‘Dark Horse’ Music Video

By 02.21.14

dark horse katy perry

“Dark Horse,” Katy Perry’s latest single from her multi-platinum album Prism, is surprisingly murky and witch-y for a song that hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s “Southern-rap-techo” that bubbles, unlike the bubbly “California Girls,” though, to be fair, the lyrics are equally silly in both. But despite its inanity, of course people are finding something to hate about the song’s music video, namely, that it’s racist.

katy perry dark horse racist

Damn Katty Perry, always appropriating ancient Egyptian culture.

katy perry magic

come to me katy perry

katy perry grill

katy snake

katy mine

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All GIFs via Hello Katy

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