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By 02.07.14

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Note: Everything about this is a spoiler. If you didn’t put that together you deserve to be spoiled.

It’s been a while since we were all obsessing over Game of Thrones’ “Red Wedding” and it’s corresponding reaction videos. Hell, even George R.R. Martin reacting to fans reacting made for a great watch.

So as we approach the Season 4 at a glacial pace one Redditor has dug what is quite possibly the single ultimate reaction video. It’s titled “Game of Thrones Red Wedding Jamaican Snuggie Reaction” which gives it a head start. From there you take a mystical journey through the entire amazing/gut-wrenching scene with an extremely emotional dude who doesn’t seem to be all that Jamaican but sure as hell is wearing a Miami Heat snuggie. Starting at the 2:00 mark is suggested.

via r/GameOfThrones

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