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Pam Poovey Went Full Coke-Fueled Incredible Hulk On ‘Archer Vice’

By 02.03.14

ARCHS05E04 archer vice season 5

Pam went on a coke-fueled rampage in this week’s Archer Vice. Let’s take a peak at the best action.

So Pam’s coke habit has gotten worse.

water archer vice season 5

And the former ISIS gang have decided to do something about it.

smack archer vice season 5

But Pam was wearing purple pants, so you can see where this is going.

hulk archer vice season 5

And on top of that, Woodhouse invited in the damn FBI.

vamp archer vice season 5

But in the end, it all worked out

darts archer vice season 5

And we have a new country star in the making.

Cherlene archer vice season 5

Be sure to come back here tomorrow for a full recap.

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