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Miley Cyrus Is Really ‘Xxxited’ To Show You Her Topless Photos

By 02.06.14

miley bed

So it turns out W Magazine didn’t hire an unlicensed surgeon to turn Miley Cyrus into Miley Cyrus-Love-Versace; they’re just not very good at Photoshop. Proof comes in the form of new photos of Miley “channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe for German Vogue.” The comparison is flattering, and not entirely farfetched, but it’s Vogue — at some point, Anna Wintour turns every famous female into Marilyn Monroe. Kevin James does the same thing, too, but replace “Marilyn Monroe” with “Mayor McCheese costume.”

Anyway, the reviews are outstanding:

she has nice bewbs tbh


miley topless tweet

Who knew Miley was such a Vin Diesel fan?

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Photos via @gypsyhearttour via ONTD

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