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Check Out The Best Images From The ‘House Of Cards’-Bread Mashup Tumblr: House Of Carbs

By 02.27.14

Some brilliant internet person has finally figured out a way to combine two of my great loves: House of Cards and bread products, with House of Carbs. The only way this could be better is if they [SPOILER!] figured out a way to push Kate Mara off the subway platform into a giant swimming pool of spaghetti. And the only thing better than that would be if I could actually jump into a giant swimming pool of spaghetti. Maybe I’m just projecting here.

I’m not creative enough to come up with it myself, but prize for anyone who figures out a way to put together a True Detective-cheese mashup tumblr.*

*The prize will actually just be gratitude and adulation from yours truly.

house of carbs-2

house of carbs-3

house of carbs-4

house of carbs-5

house of carbs-6

house of carbs-7

Images credit: House of Carbs


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