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‘Better For F*cking’: The Best Of Hannibal Buress’s AMA

By 03.29.14

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In case you haven’t had enough Hannibal Buress around here lately, what with the interviews and toilet-paper mummy contests, he did an AMA on Reddit today to promote his upcoming special, Live From Chicago . Even though he claimed to be sleep deprived and just getting off a plane, it was still predictably funny and charming. Here are the highlights:

On not knowing who Iron and Wine are, and proving you probably shouldn’t either:

Hannibal Buress AMA

How he prepares for a tour:

Hannibal Buress AMA

Keeping it real about how weird AMAs are:

Hannibal Buress AMA

On not liking Hannibal, for Highlander-like reasons:
Hannibal Buress AMA

The short version of how he came up with the idea to tweet he had a Comedy Central show before he actually did: 

Hannibal Buress AMA

The weirdest part of being on Conan
Hannibal Buress AMA

This really cool story about how Mitch Hedberg gave him a break: 

Hannibal Buress AMA

I’m not sure I want to know how he knows this:
Hannibal Buress AMA

And finally, what I think we were all suspecting all along:

Hannibal Buress AMA

You can buy Live from Chicago from Comedy Central right now, or watch it when it airs on Saturday at 10 PM EST.

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