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It Would Take A ‘True Detective’ To Figure Out Who This Fake ID Originally Belonged To

By 03.28.14

Matthew McConaughey ID

Redditor Philkolons claims that in the 1990s, his buddy used to get into 18+ shows using the fake ID you see above. He adds, “This gem was passed off to my friend outside [famous nightclub] Emo’s in Austin circa 1992-3.” It’s unclear if it’s ACTUALLY Matthew McConaughey’s ID, passed down from generation to generation like the Sex Bible in American Pie, or an authentic-looking fake that only worked on bouncers who never saw McConaughey’s life-altering performance as Guy #2 in My Boyfriend’s Back.

I choose to believe the former. Hey, Rust Cohle, would you like your ID back?


Alright alright alright.

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